Funny Happy Birthday Animated Greetings - Happy Birthday Wishes With Music

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- The closest friend of mine has the most amazing, humble, wonderful, along with all around just fantastic best friend! Happy birthday from the closest friend of yours! - Even thought they say that we can all use a little change, you're fairly perfect. So, I assume since it's the birthday of yours, you should change your age. - It is really fantastic having such a great friend to age with. And let's face it, the older we become the better we get! - For your birthday, I just wanted to remind you, I am always here if you need me. On the weekend or for a week day, 24/7. In case you call at 4am, I will pick up. Here's to you bestie, I am may your day be blessed hoping your special day is amazing! - Provided that you are my friend, you'll never have to do silly things alone. Have a fantastic birthday and if you do anything ridiculous I'll be right alongside you doing a similar thing. - Let your all the desires to be on fire and light your birthday candles with that. Have a gorgeous birthday. - I like it exactly how we conclude each other's. And so, for your birthday I simply want to say. - You're the Instagram of my life, with whom I would like to fill up with stories. Happy Birthday sweetheart. - Loving you is the best thing I've previously done in the life of mine, happy birthday. - There is a special bond between us that will never be taken out no matter where we go, the distance we live from each other and just how many ups and downs in life we go through. Happy Birthday Wishes, dear brother! - Though life just would not be identical without a best friend to share almost everything with, having lots of friends will be wonderful. Thank you for being the such an amazing friend. - My best wishes for a furious and voracious day filled with plenty of laughter and look. - It is my fervent wish you get what you wish for on the special day of yours. Happy Birthday Wishes, Brother! - It's your birthday celebration, we need to get you all liquored in place so you will do something embarrassing I can tease you about it later! Isn't that what best pals are for? - Strike up conversations with strangers at shops and on the street and show interest & make yourself the lifetime of the party always. Happy Birthday. - Dad, you've usually been an excellent friend to me and I am hoping we will remain once and for all. Happy birthday. - In case I had to be trapped on a deserted island with only person, it will be you. Of course, you might not exactly be considered a survival authority, but at least you would create anxiously attempting to stay away from demise fun! - I don't need to tell you how magnificent you are or how big of a buddy you're. although it is the birthday of yours, so I will. You are the very best! - Thank you for recognizing me for who I am and try to encouraging me to be the person I needs to be. - Thanks for being weird with me.